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Monty Vickers: Bio

Monty Vickers - Songwriter

In 1963 or so, my uncle, Arnold Vickers, was one of the owners of WMON which is a small AM station still located in my hometown of Montgomery, WV. Over time, as a pre-teen and early teen, I had access to thousands of 45 RPM singles which I played on a little record player/ PA that my Dad used to call square dances at the local Presbyterian church. I would sit and mime the guitar parts with my Mom’s old wooden tennis racket. That was the closest thing I could find in the house to a guitar.

Brubaker, Coltrane to Peter, Paul, and Mary to The Beatles to The Byrds to CSNY, I played along (with, eventually, an actual guitar …my Dad taught me three chords and “Little Brown Jug” which means I can now play any rock song, right?) I did the high school band thing…”The Four”. Everyone always asked, “The Four what?” Perhaps they were confused by the fact that we had 6 members. Then, my friends and I would go camp at Ivydale and help out with things at the Morris Brother’s Ol’ Time Music Festival where I often sat at the feet of Aunt Jenny Wilson to listen to her stories and songs. Got into folk music ..was even in a trio called “Monty, Paul, and Mary”. I apologize for that.

So, at age 55, having become educated and a practicing optometrist in St. Albans, West Virginia (you should come see us), having raised my kids (both aspiring dentists and surgeons), I started writing music again for the first time since age 20. Now, here is my first album…55 years in the making. That’s longer than Guns N Roses.

I hope you’ll listen. Please do.

Whitney Hess - Saxophones

Whitney Hess has played in more bands than anyone I know. He is the fearless leader and frontman for the party band, Lost Cause ( ) and an exceptionally talented sax player who is featured in many of Monty's appearances and, of course, on the album. You will love what he does on this album!

Chuck Peterson - Bass Guitar

No one plays bass like Chuck Peterson. Chuck has been a pro for many years and adds his magic to Monty's gigs and the album here.

Rick McNeely - Producer/Instrumentalist

Rick McNeely was educated at Berklee in Boston, spent many years in recording studios of Nashville and now has his own studio out of Lebanon, Ohio. He is a multi instrumentalist and formidable songwriter and arranger.

Renee Vickers - Producer

Renee Vickers is the whole reason this album was created. Monty's wife and creative muse for 30 years, Renee was critically important in helping bring focus to the artistic intent of this first album, Cellular.

Donna and Steve Mallory - Photographers

Donna and Steve Mallory povided the memorable cover shot for "Cellular". This photo was taken outside a bar in New Zealand where the rules are clearly stated in writing...if your cell phone rings while you are in this bar, it get's nailed to the pole. Simple and wonderful!

David Mayse - Percussion

David Mayes has been adding his amazing percussion to my music in our live shows. This has truly helped stimulate the new directions i am exploring. David is the former drummer for Lost Cause, the locally famous rock band that I play with as my alter ego, Hollywood.